Nutribullet for Sale Now

UPDATE – I have now had my nutribullet for three days and have made a variety of smoothies and it is as awesome as I suspected it would be. I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough. Remember you can order a second nutribullet at a reduced price for a friend or family member when placing your order. If you are not sure you can still get a second one at the reduced price later, however you have to call in to Nutribullet by phone in order to do this.

Check out this video clip comparing a blender to the new Nutribullet that is just about to be released for sale. I am so excited by this small portable super powerful blender and am anxious purchase one as soon as they are available.

I have a small Tribest personal blender that I have used for years and it has been useful for travel and a quick way to blend smoothies as I do not always want to use my Vitamix, however it only has a 200 watt motor. It is similar to the Magic Bullet which also has a 200 watt motor (The company that manufactures the Magic Bullet is also making the Nutribullet with David Wolfe’s help promoting and maybe partnering – who knows what the relationship is). Magic Bullet did have some models that were 300 watt. The Nutribullet is 600 watts and that will make all the difference. You can see that difference in the video – it shows how powerful it is so clearly. It has a special extractor blade and BPA free containers and power to break up everything completely making digestion and absorbability even greater.

This is like having a small super portable Vitamix – how awesome is that? So quick and easy and taking up little space on your counter top. Small footprint and huge motor = awesome.

I do not know exactly when it will be released for sale, except very soon however if you “Like” them on Facebook (just type Nutribullet into your search box to get to their Facebook page) you will get the latest updates. They also have a website UPDATE : They started selling them on March 31st online and also by infomercial hosted by David Wolfe. Also such a great price of $99 which makes getting healthier affordable.

You can also see David using the Nutribullet and the recipes he recommends on his main website under the tab entitled “Videos”

Well I do not know if it will be as popular as the new iPad and there is no physical address so people will not be sleeping outside in a queue. It will be a lot more affordable and if you choose to live a healthy lifestyle and nourish yourself at the highest level possible you are more likely to have incredible energy and vibrant health. When you experience this level of health you can achieve so much more and then you can easily afford the new iPad!!!! Hopefully no hot spots in either.


Let me know when you get yours and what you like about it. Please share any wonderful recipes you create.

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  1. Hi, I’m very interested in the NutriBullet but live in Europe. Does it come in 240volts too?

    • Dear Colin,
      Thanks for your question and I understand you being interested. I am not the company that makes and sells this so your best bet is to be in touch with them when they might be releasing a version that will work in Europe. At present it only has a US plug on it, “U.S. spec unit has a very effective 120 Volt / 60 Hz / 600 Watt motor” is what they quote on their website. I would think you could buy an adaptor plug to run it however you would have to check on this. Hope you can figure it out. They probably do not ship outside the US either. Does not make it easy for you. Sorry I cannot be of more help. Let me know if you manage to get one.

    • Hi Colin. I am also from Europe so i would like to ask you ifyou find where to buy a 220 w nutribullet. thanks.

    • I live in Germany and I wonder, if the Nutribullet they sell in the UK works here with an adapter at full power.
      Can anybody help?

  2. Thanks for posting the infomercial times. I watched it and ordered one. It looks great. I have a magic bullet and have used it but it seems slow so this will be a big improvement.
    I look forward to trying some of the recipes that David was showing.
    Love this blog btw, it is really helping me to make better choices. Thank you.

    • Elise, you are so welcome. Glad you ordered a nutribullet, I think you will get great use out of it and you can use it to improve your nutrient density on a daily basis and easily add superfoods to smoothies. So glad this blog is helping you, because that is my goal and it is thrilling to get feed back that this is so. Thank you.

  3. I bought mine yesterday and WOW does it ever work great!!! I’ve used a magic bullet for 3 years but the Nutri Bullet is so much better!
    It is fast, holds a large capacity which really helps to get a better variety of veggies and fruits into my power drinks. It doesn’t take up much space and is a breeze to clean and care for. On days that I work I will pack the container full the night before and store it in the refrigerator. The next morning I will simply add my filtered water, blend and I’m out the door with a delicious healthy breakfast in hand.

  4. I have been using the NutriBullet twice a day for over 5 months now. (Was part of the infomercial and received it prior to market release) It has made a huge difference in my life. I can’t imagine a day now without it. I never used to eat fruits and veggies and now I can’t wait wait to make my next smoothie. I feel better and look better. Several friends and family members purchased it as soon as it became available to the public and now they are hooked. It’s an awesome product!

    • Shari,
      So glad you are getting so many benefits from using the Nutribullet – you are so lucky you got your hands on one pre launch. I absolutely love it too and use mine everyday and it is catching on with the rest of my family too. Just this morning we have guests of our 22 year old daughter staying and they all requested a smoothie. It was such fun to make them all their own healthy smoothies.
      It is fantastic and prefer it to my Vitamix – its just so handy and easy to use.
      Thank you for sharing your experience and joy with us here. Keep on getting in your fruits and veggies!

  5. I noticed that on David Wolfe infomercial that he used a low power blender and not something like a vitamix. I wonder why he did that? hmhm

    • Robert, Hmhm from me too. I did not notice that and I have the nutribullet and it is powerful and so quick and easy and therefore I use it everyday. I still use my Vitamix now and then if I want to make larger quantities however when it is just for myself I use the nutribullet.
      It is wonderful to have both and now I use the Nutribullet much more often and of course it is way more affordable than a Vitamix.
      Do you have a Vitamix? and if so how often do you use it. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  6. are you able to use ice with the nutribullet if so will it make it snow like

    • Javier – I have not tried ice on its own but I do put ice in most of my smoothies – like 5 or 6 pieces straight from the freezer and yes it just
      powers through them completely.

  7. I am looking to purchase a nutri bullet, I live in France and am having difficulty in having it sent. I can have it posted to Canada but the cost is hugh to either france or canada. Almost the same price as the item. Do you have any suggestions.


    • Barbara, unfortunately I do not have a solution for you. Many people have sent me contact forms asking similar. I had one gentleman begging me to buy 12 and ship them to South America! Do you have any friends or relations in the US who could purchase and send to you? I understand wanting one – they are fantastic and I use mine nearly everyday. I imagine they will eventually start selling them overseas however who knows when that will be. If you know anyone who is traveling over here they are available in some stores. Hope you can find a way to get yourself one soon. All the best and let us know when you get one.

  8. Colin. Did you manage to purchase the nutribullet. I live in Europe and waiting for its distribution here.

  9. hello my name is jacqueline from holland and you can buye te nutri bullet on with google you will find it the price is 119.00 and with send costs 12.95 I hope i ccould help you I byued one .

    Bye butye jacqueline from holland

    • Jacqueline, thank you so much for sharing this information – this helps everyone – and is the joy of the web and blogs where we can all help each other. Really appreciate you and thanks for sharing. Health and joy and enjoy your nutriblasts.

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      Thanks for your posting. I live in the UK and ordered the nutribullet on ebay. The problem I have is that when I went to buy the 240v converter plug the staff at the hardware store advised that a power transformer may be needed to use the nutribullet outside of the US, because of its high 600watt power. These transformers are not only HUGE but cost more than the actual nutribullet!
      I tried to email nutribullet to advise, but have not received a response.
      What sort of converter did you need to use the Nutribullet in Europe?
      Any advice would be welcomed as I have the hutribullet and have not been able to use it yet.


      • I have a Nutribullet that I bought in Canada, and am moving to France in two weeks. I am wanting to take it with me as I don’t think I can live without my smoothies. I bought a Lewis and Clark 0-2000watt dual converter, for $40 canadain dollars.
        I understnd the converter plug may cost more than the Nutrubullet itself, but after having my Nutribullet for several months I think the improved health over the long run is worth the short term cost output…
        I will let you know how the converter works once I use it in France…

        • Well the cheap converter did work but it seemed like it was struggling with the conversion (lot’s of noise-not healthy!). I am going to investigate buying a better conversion cord.

  10. Hello I am so sorry because i called the number of that is the site of it .I asked and they do not deliver outside Holland.A while ago they do deliverd in Belgium bud now they don,t! That is a pitty.
    I hope there is another shop you can buye it!

  11. How large a drink can you make … enough for 2 large drinks? We’re going to try the Dr. Oz cleanse and hope it will work for it.

    • Joan, the largest container on the Nutribullet will yield 24 fl.oz of smoothie. We ordered the extra large container and make each of us our own smoothie. That way you can make each smoothie to the exact taste and requirements of each individual.
      Hope your cleanse goes well.
      Shoot us another message and let us know how you got on with the cleanse.

  12. just got my Nutribullet and love it. Just don’t know if I can use ice in it. If so how much?

    • Hey Micelle, it is fine to add ice to your smoothies. I add 6 – 8 cubes in the large container. 4 cubes would probably be sufficient in the small one. I would mot blend up ice on its own, it probably would however I would not want to risk damaging or dulling the blades. Glad you are enjoying it- it is fantastic, easy and I could not imagine being without it (along with my iPad!)

  13. i’ve had my nutribullet for 3 days now and I absolutely love it. The only thing I haven’t seen touched on is the speed of the blender and whether or not that high speed kills nutrients. Any thoughts on that? Thank you.

    • Jackie, glad you are enjoying your bullet. The motor is 600 watts and this is actually what makes it so special in order to break up the food (seeds like chia, nuts, leafy greens like kale) so that you actually get greater nutrition and absorption. The blend time is short enough not to have a detrimental effect on nutrients. If you were to blend for a long time, that would create a heating effect which could deplete nutrients. If you use raw egg yolk in a blended drink you should always add it at the end with minimal blending as yolks are very fragile. Hope this helps and enjoy all the different smoothies you will be able to make. Here’s to your vibrant health.

  14. ROBYN Christian

    je souhaite recevoir de la documentation et savoit où je peux commander l’appareil nutribullet en France

  15. Hi All,
    Does anyone know whether it is safe to use the nutribullet in the uk? I bought it from a US supplier and it has a US plug (which I have a normal 110v to 240v converter plug for already).
    Any advice would be much appreciated as I have spent alot ordering from the US and am so excited to start using it.


    • Amy, you should be fine as long as you have the correct converter. I am English and travel there often to visit my mother. I charge many of my US devices on a converter she has without any problem at all. However it is a big sophisticated converter (big huge box) because it has to be able to convert the 240 v down to 110 v. I have a feeling that if you use a little ordinary converter you may blow it! Some machines have dual voltage capabilities – I do not know if the bullet does or not. So could not say for sure. You may be best getting advice direct from Nutribullet. Good Luck and let us know how you get on.

  16. Hi,I live in Australia and have a friend in the States who raves about hers. Any idea if and when it’ll be available down here and has anyone experienced problems with theirs as I read a few negative responses on the US Target review site? Thanks, Paul

    • Paul, we have no idea when it will be available your way. How about asking your friend in the States to send you one. We rave about it too. No problems with it and we use it just about everyday, sometimes twice a day for a smoothie and then to whip up a salad dressing. Hope you are able to get one soon. Thanks for visiting.

  17. Is Nutribullet blender available in London UK . Can you let me know the address where I can buy it. Does it come in 220 v. I don’t want to use any converter because to my experience, it blows out the machine in the long run.

    • Sulekha, you would need to contact Nutribullet direct to get a response to your questions. We are not Nutribullet, we just wrote a blog on the product so we do not have their distribution info etc. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Hi I am looking to buy nutri Bullet as a Christmas present, can it be delivered to Ireland and does it need a converter.


    • Michelle, thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately we cannot answer your questions as we are not Nutribullet, we are a blog who just did a post on the Nutribullet. Please contact Nutribullet directly.

  19. I have been using the nutribullet for 10 days. Love using it! Question: is using it for 3 meals a day bad for me? I have done that today, also had a bowl of pinto beans no meat added today for protein. Have been using kale, banana, almonds, mixture of frozen peaches, pineapple, strawberries, apple, and pear. Am I over doing it as far as the amount of vitamins for the day?

    • Pamela, thanks for your question however it would be irresponsible to advise people on their personal health and nutrition over the internet. You would be best served to consult a qualified nutritionist who would have a full medical history for you. The nutriblasts you are making sound delicious and it would be very difficult to overdo it on nutrients from fruits and veggies. Enjoy your bullet.

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